Direct mail has always been known to be particularly effective in attracting cost-effective response levels to the more ‘mass market’ socio-economic groups of C1, C2 and D.

However, according to a new study from Ebiquity, TGI and BMRB, there is confirmation that UK consumers in the ABC1 groups are both highly mailed and highly receptive to direct mail, making the channel one of the best ways of persuading this more affluent audience to spend their money.

As ever, careful targeting of offers is the key to success …

  • 75% of ABC1s welcome mail …. if it provides them with useful information
  • These groups groups also have a high interaction with mail …. 91% opening all their post

Advertisers will be encouraged that they are also very receptive to advertising techniques.  As a group they are 81% more likely than average to agree that relevant direct mail can change their opinion of a brand.

They are 56% more likely than average to agree that advertising helps them choose what they buy and 66% more likely than average to be tempted to buy products they have seen advertised.

Interestingly, when it comes to bargains, these groups are just like everyone else in the UK …

  • ABC1 high responders to direct mail like samples, special offers and money off coupons and vouchers
  • They are 56% more likely than the UK average to agree that they always use money off coupons and vouchers

Mail order, general insurance and charity mailings are the most common types sent to UK ABC1 adults, with mail order leading the way with 171 million mailings sent in 2010.  General insurance sent some 117 million mailings and charities not far behind with 111 million mailings.