New research into consumers’ attitudes to printed marketing – From letterbox to Inbox 2013 – has revealed that 90% of consumers say they ‘could not imagine living without a letterbox’, compared to 94% who said they could not live without home internet access and 86% who could not live without a mobile.

The same research also reveals …

  • 79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately
  • One in five (20%) believe that printed communications will never be replaced entirely by digital

The power of print – particularly in an integrated world of communications – is also supported with a finding that there was a greater percentage (10) who visited a brand’s website in response to direct mail than responded to an e-mail. In addition, nearly half those surveyed said they had retained printed items, with 17% saying they did so regularly.

The study was conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and fast.MAP and sponsored by HP.

Respondents also highlighted the essential role direct mail plays within their lives as consumers with 56% saying they found printed marketing to be the “most trustworthy” of media channels.

Commenting on the findings Rachel Aldighieri, Director of Communications and Insight at the DMA said: “People continue to value direct mail and printed communications from brands, finding that it plays a seamless role within their connected worlds, offers some qualities not found in other comms and is an essential part of the overall ‘brand experience’.”

These views were supported by David Cole, MD of fast.MAP who said:” Direct mail is also twice as likely to engender trust than e-mail. Post is also seen as more memorable and authoritative, whereas e-mail provides the ease of response and the ability to share. We can therefore see how direct mail can lay the foundation to make the role of e-mail as a tool for response work much harder.”