Back in April the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) published ‘Customer Engagement 2019: Marketers’ view’.

One of the key findings of the report was that marketers are potentially missing out on building closer customer relationships – and boosting revenues – by failing to embrace direct mail in their engagement strategies… and relying too much on channels that consumers do not welcome!

The research asked consumers and marketers for their opinions on the most effective marketing channels out of eight options: face-to-face, post, email, text, social, phone, messenger apps and online.

When thinking about channels used specifically to attract new customers:

  • Marketers over-valued the effect of social media. With 28% of them rating social as one of the top two acquisition channels, ahead of email (18%), face-to-face (16%) and online (10%)
  • However, consumers said they prefer to hear from new brands primarily via email (54%), followed by post (33%) and then via online and social media (both 14%)
  • And with retention strategies social media also appears over-appreciated – with postal communications under-appreciated by marketers.

DMA Head of Insight Tim Bond said: “Consumers are clearly receptive to new ways for brands to communicate with them, as long as at is convenient, personable and relevant. The plethora of marketing channels now available to marketers means that not only is it essential to get the balance, timing and combination right, they should not overlook more traditional methods that competitors may have started to neglect.

“Successful brands will be those that can truly put their customers’ needs and preferences first. By understanding their contact preferences, brands can offer customers the right opportunities at the right time.”

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