Marketing Magazine”s annual Top 100 Mailers report (compiled by Nielsen) ranks UK brands according to spend on direct mail.

Reporting in October (on spend between July 2010 and June 2011) the news is good – with loyalty from existing telco and mail order mailers, as well as a new found appreciation of the medium by sectors such as games / consoles and leisure equipment.

By sector the most dominant direct mailers are:

  • Mail order with an annual spend of £399.6m – which is down on last year by 11.5%
  • Financial services (£342.9m) – an increase of 1.4%
  • Government, social, political organisations (£282m) – an increase of 0.6%
  • Retail (£121.6m) – a significant increase of 10.7%
  • Travel and transport (£92.9m) – an increase of 6.6%

Across the majority of sectors it is clear that retention activity is key, with many of the top 100 investing more in customer mailings than prospect ones.

Financial services sent 57% of its mailings to customers, whilst the charity sector was split evenly between customer and prospect mailings as direct mail continues to play a major role in its marketing strategy for both acquisition and retention.

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