The first few months of 2012 will be busy for the DM industry, following the new agreement signed on 1st November 2011 by both the DMA and Defra (department for the environment, food and rural affairs).

This agreement commits the DM industry to a series of tough green targets to cut physical waste and carbon emissions over the next three years.

The commitment to cutting waste has been set out in a new ‘Voluntary Producer Responsibility’ (VPR) deal … some of the key details are:

  • By 2014 the direct marketing industry will have to achieve a 25% increase on the industry’s use of suppression fiels
  • An improved single contact preference service for unaddressed mail by April 2012
  • Maintain public awareness of the existing customer preference services (eg MPS)
  • And retain established direct mail recycling rates (75+)

There will also be a new industry environmental standard that will replace PAS2020 and will stipulate that 40% of all direct mail produced will have to conform to the new requirements.

Chris Combermale – Executive Director of the DMA – said the commitments would help improve advertiser’s return on investment by cutting waste as well as demonstrating the industry was responsible about is environmental impact.

“The deal will not only help in delivering the Government’s objectives of moving towards a zero-waste society and reducing carbon emissions, but also lead to higher standards in direct marketing.  The key theme is ‘doing it better’ – by reducing unnecessary direct marketing and making sure that what’s produced meets a specification that minimises the impact on the environment”.

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