The importance of data to any business can never be underestimated – and in a GDPR compliant world, it’s now essential for data to be regularly maintained and cleaned.

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) champion many data initiatives including DataSeal and often run events and conferences on this key subject area. Their website recently featured the article “Using Data Cleansing can improve your Direct Mail Campaign.”

The article mentions three key reasons for keeping data clean:

  • Ensures accuracy

Keeping your data accurate and clean has many benefits and can help your business improve efficiency. Regular cleaning ensures its accuracy, integrity, correctness, completeness and consistency.

  • Reduces costs

With an accurate list, you avoid wasting money on direct mailing to people who may not live at that address anymore. Depending on your size of list and frequency of marketing, this can represent a significant cost saving for your business.

  • Better targeting

Another way to ensure you reach the right people is through Address Enhancement – a service which corrects invalid addresses and postcodes and standardises address structure.

So, it’s clear that any business that stores and uses customer data can benefit from using a data cleaning service.


Here at ONEPOST we’re at the forefront of data management in the postal industry. We can work with you to ensure that you comply with best practice and regulatory requirements.

There are many industry initiatives that actively encourage and reward data best practice and lower costs too. In particular Royal Mail Responsible Mail and Advertising Mail products which require data services. Better quality data also reduces wasted mail and looks professional too.

Clean and accurate data has always been essential for successful marketing campaigns, but since the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), keeping data up to date has never been more important.

  • Article 5 of the GDPR tells us that data must be ‘relevant, accurate and kept up to date’, and asks that ‘every reasonable step must be taken’ to meet these requirements.
  • ONEPOST, with over a decade’s experience in processing data for a wide range of customers – from retail, charity, publishing and finance – are ideally placed to help ensure that your businesses data is clean, accurate and GDPR compliant.

In summary our data cleansing service will:

–   Reduce costs associated with contacting people who can’t or won’t respond

–   Ensure your data and marketing communications are compliant with data regulatory requirements

–   Reduce the risk of causing consumer annoyance and damaging brand reputation

–   Help you to access environmentally friendly mail products (Responsible Mail).

How clean is your data?

ONEPOST will screen your data for FREE to help identify any potential issues. This will look at all aspects of your data file including duplicates, suppressions and name/address quality.

You are welcome to send us your data and we will supply a FREE report. You only pay for the level of service you require after the health check.