29 March 2011


With postage prices set to rise once more, there has never been a more pressing need for brand owners which use direct mail to seek out the discounts that are available – yet not widely publicised – as well as employ best practice list cleansing to ensure they are maximising their budgets.

In this way, costs can be saved and at the same time brands can help to protect the self regulation of the industry.

Despite a record number of submissions, Postcomm decided to endorse its “minded to” decision to allow postal increases by Royal Mail Wholesale of around 15 per cent from May 9. And from April 4, the price of first and second class stamps are also set to rise to 46p and 36p respectively; an increase of 5p on first class and 4p on second class.

But, while prices are increasing, there are options for direct mailers to minimise the effect, such as Advertising Mail and Responsible Mail.

via How to combat mailing price hikes.