A major advantage of direct mail is the ability to personalise your message – but care should be taken to make this relevant and meaningful.

Personalised Direct Mail

The power of personalised direct mail should never be overlooked. However, it isn’t simply about adding a name or address to a letter, your marketing campaigns should include other information specific to the consumer.

According to research from marketing agency Pure360, basic personalisation, such as first name, fails to engage consumers in any real way, with only 8% of survey respondents saying that they would be encouraged to engage with a retail brand if they addressed them by their first name.

How to Personalise Direct Mail

There are many additional elements of a mail pack that can be personalised, including these examples:

  • Pricing offers: based on affordability of recipient
  • Product recommendations: based on recipient’s previous purchases
  • Imagery: include product images that most appeal to recipient, based on demographic information or purchase history
  • Vouchers: personalised vouchers with recipient’s details on and targeted based on purchase history.

And, of course, in the era of GDPR, data is even more important. Targeted customers are coming round to the idea that to receive these personalised communications, corporations need their data.

Benefits of Personalised Direct Mail

Well thought out personalisation strategies can help you to:

Build Trust

Speaking directly to your customers builds trust. You are more likely to gain customer loyalty if you address them by name and take time to research their needs.

Increase Response Rates

Mail personally directed at the recipient increases engagement. If you have a new product to launch or need to reiterate your services (perhaps as a cross sell opportunity) then direct mail is a great route to take.

It pays to treat your customers and potential customers uniquely – in that way you increase engagement, loyalty and ROI.

Direct Mail Production with ONEPOST

If you’re looking for ways to make your direct mail campaign more effective and personal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with ONEPOST, the UK’s leading provider of independent postal management, today. From planning and advice to management and delivery, we offer a full-service solution for all direct mailing needs.

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