The majority of consumers are between five and ten times more likely to respond to properly personalised marketing offers compared to standardised or superficially personalised communications.

These were some of the findings of a recent study conducted by direct marketing specialist GI Direct.  The study, aimed at obtaining a basic benchmark for the uplift generally produced by highly personalised direct mail and direct marketing revealed some interesting regional variations.

Scotland and the South emerge as the greatest devotees of personalised direct marketing but, in contrast, East Anglia and the North West appear more jaded and less receptive to high levels of targeting.

• Across the country more than 70% of adults take more notice of mail that is aimed specifically and accurately at them

• Women are particularly keen on personalisation with 78% indicating a very significant response uplift

• Men still ranked highly with 65% giving the same answer

Patrick Headley, Sales Director of GI Direct said the research gave “hard evidence of the critical importance of targeted direct marketing in the current recessionary climate”.

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