Consumers appear to be more open to marketing messages than ever before!

This is according to the annual fast.MAP / IPM Marketing Gap Tracking Study, which reveals there has been a drop of 24 percentage points in the number of people who throw away unopened direct mail because they object to being sent marketing material.

This interesting trend reveals that 43% of those throwing away mail did so because they object to marketing materials.  Last year this figure was a much more worrying level of 67% … so, perhaps, more evidence that targeting techniques are beginning to improve the image of direct mail.

The Marketing Gap has become a well respected study (which started back in 2005) and examines the gap between consumer views of marketing and marketers expectations.

It is surprising how much consumer attitudes can change in the course of a year.  But one thing does endure – the popularity of marketing mail.

Almost nine out of ten (87%) of UK adults open and read mail packs … this is up a massive 8 percentage points on last year.  This represents the highest marketing mail opening level since the tracking began.

49% (up from 43% last year and 37% in the previous two years) only open mail from companies with which they have a relationship.

38% (up fro 36% in 2010) open communications from all companies.

Most people find marketing mail which contains discount coupons and product samples the most useful – a third more than consider government information to be useful!

David Cole, Managing Director of fast.MAP seems to capture the mood when commenting: ““A couple of years back, post was viewed as yesterday’s news, but this shows a trend going the other way – it works. It is encouraging that so many people are going to open a mail pack”