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Data Management

According to the Direct Marketing Commission Annual Report (2017 – 2018) the biggest concerns for customers in 2018 are around data, privacy and its accuracy.

So it makes sense to have complete and accurate addresses in your mailing database. There are many industry initiatives that actively encourage and reward data best practice with lower costs, too – in particular Responsible Mail and Advertising Mail products, both of which require data services. Better quality data also reduces wasted mail, and looks professional too.

We’re at the forefront of data management in the postal industry, and would be delighted to prepare a free, no obligation report on any mailing data you supply. We can identify any issues and propose ways to rectify them.

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Our data cleansing service will:

  • Reduce costs associated with contacting people who can’t or won’t respond.
  • Ensure data and marketing communications are compliant with data regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce the risk of causing consumer annoyance and damaging brand reputation.
  • Help you to access Environmentally Friendly Mail Products (Responsible Mail).

If you require data for your campaign, we are delighted to offer an associated service with MarketingFile. After registering, you get free and unlimited access to perform counts against their range of mailing lists. You can register here.

Data transfer and file preferences

There has been a lot in the press recently about data security and how breaches to security are becoming more common place. Find out what steps we are taking to ensure secure data delivery.

Direct mail is a data driven business and the secure, responsible and accurate use of that data is fundamental to the success of an industry that continues to thrive in the twenty first century. Find out our preferences and recommended best practices for your data file types and file formats.

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