ONEPOST Data Security and Transfer

Your data security is very important to us

There has been a lot in the press recently about data security and how breaches to security are becoming more common place.

Here at ONEPOST we take your data security very seriously. And the security of that data in transit is of huge importance. We all know that data sent by email can be intercepted, and potentially could fall into the wrong hands. That’s why ONEPOST offers the Data Send secure data delivery service free to all our customers.

The main user benefits include:

  • You can send large files up to 4GB
  • You can send up to 8 files in one upload
  • Files are stored in an encrypted format
  • Files are scanned for viruses on upload and any suspicious files are rejected
  • The data files will be held for 7 days after which they will be permanently deleted

Importantly, you can be confident that files are transferred over a secure connection.

Data Send servers are in the UK, and this easy-to-use service allows you to both upload and download files in a safe and secure environment.

The data transfer process is simple:

  • Contact your Account Manager at ONEPOST for your secure upload details
  • Use the link provided to access the secure area
  • Upload your file(s) with a brief description
  • Data is then uploaded and a download link is sent through to ONEPOST
  • ONEPOST will also return your data to you using the same secure process

Need to automate your data transfer?

We prefer all data to be sent to us via Data Send, but if automating the transmission and receipt of your data is important, ONEPOST also offer Secure FTP service.

Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Would you like more information?

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