Partially Addressed is the new advertising mail product from Royal Mail. It’s been designed to identify customers using specialist targeting, and means you’ll be able to continue sending direct marketing communications without using personal data.

  • You’ll be able to target households using geo-demographics at postcode levels (c. 15 households)
  • Your existing customers will be removed, so you’re not wasting budget mailing acquisition material when someone’s already a customer
  • You won’t include any personal information about the recipient – the mailings will be partially addressed to the ‘occupant’ or to ‘holiday lover’ … whatever you choose!

Partially Addressed Mail is Roughly 165 times more targeted than Door Drops

As you’re targeting at postcode level, you can use your existing customer postcodes to target other houses in customer ‘rich’ postcodes, coupled with geo-demographic profiling software to identify similar prospect ‘look-a-likes’.

So when combined, the two profiling methods are designed to maximise customer targeting, and to give you great coverage of potential customers – helping make your campaign successful.

Topping Up:

Royal Mail profiling can help you by ‘topping up’ postcodes where you already have customers. This will help you have greater penetration in areas where you know your product or service is already being used.


Use geo-demographic profiling to find look-a-like prospects. Targeting tools like MOSAIC or CAMEO can help identify postcodes with similar characteristics to existing customers.

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