European paper industry leads the way in making print and paper packaging at the forefront by using sustainable materials, renewable energy and high recycling rates

There are many myths and misconceptions about paper and its impact on the environment. Yet the fact remains that the European paper industry is a world-leader when it comes to sustainably-sourced raw materials, renewable energy and recycling rates.

Two Sides – a not-for-profit global initiative organisation, promoting the unique attributes of print and paper packaging – have recently published their tenth edition of the popular ‘Myths and Facts’ booklet. Eight myths are covered and each one is answered with a series of facts and quotes set out in a clear and helpful way to educate and inform readers of the A5 booklet.

The booklet is available from the Two Sides website:

Here are some Key Facts dispelling the myths surrounding the print and paper industry.

Myth: Paper is a wasteful product The fact is that paper is one of the most recycled products in the world. 72.3% of paper is recycled and according to the European Recycling Council, paper is recycled on average 3.6 times a year in Europe.

Myth: Electronic communication is better for the environment than paper- based communication. However, electronic communication also has environmental impacts. The ICT industry accounts for around 2.5-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and the Journal of Cleaner Production predicts that by 2040 this level could rise to 14%.

Myth: Digital is the preferred means of communication

This is counteracted by the fact that many consumers value paper based communication. Often it is the most vulnerable members of society that depend on traditional postal transactional mail. The move to an online only society risks leaving older people, the disabled, rural dwellers and those on lower incomes becoming disconnected.

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