Royal Mail have announced today that from 3rd February 2020 they will be re-introducing charges for non-compliant Mailmark items.  This decision follows a 2-year period when charges were suspended, during which Royal Mail conducted a number of trials to help find ways customers could improve the barcode read-rate on their Mailmark Large Letters.

Royal Mail report that a poly-wrap trial has helped identify the causes of poor barcode readings, and feedback from that trial has allowed customers and their supply chain to successfully improve the quality of barcode printing and subsequent read-rates.

Key findings on what contributes to poor read-rates: 

  • Barcode print quality
  • Location of the barcode and delivery address on the mailing item
  • Quality of either the carrier sheet or the outer wrap used
  • Incorrect barcode data and eManifest upload issues

Royal Mail have said that over the next 3 months they will be working closely with customers whose mailings still see a read-rate of less than 90%.

If you would like to discuss the implications of these charges or discuss the recent updates to the Mailmark Specifications, please do get in contact with us 0800 138 3551 – we’re here to help.