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What are the Royal Mail Incentives?

The Royal Mail has incentive schemes to encourage businesses and advertisers to use direct mail. Participating businesses are rewarded for increasing their mail volumes and receive postal credits to use against future mail postings.

The schemes are largely designed to help organisations test new advertising campaigns or improve on existing campaigns. It lowers the cost of direct mail, so your marketing spend goes further when investing in direct mail.

To gain access to any of the offers within the incentive scheme, those wanting to participate must submit an application form. To learn more about the application process, approval criteria, and ongoing steps once you’re on the scheme, simply contact us today and our team will walk you through the whole process.

What Offers Are Available?

There are numerous schemes available from Royal Mail, including:

1. Advertising Content Growth Incentive

If you’re already a customer sending advertising mail, Royal Mail’s Scheme for Growth could help you save. Simply increase your advertising mail volumes over a 12-month period and receive postal credits of 2.5p -10.5p discount per item, based on posting at least 150,000 incremental items.
NOTE: For customers that are coming to the end of their term for this incentive, please see the new incentive below (5) introduced to assist you in continuing to post such advertising mail volumes.

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2. Advertising Mail First Time User Incentive

This incentive offers participants postage credits for the first three advertising mailings, provided there is a minimum of 10,000 items per mailing.

The Royal Mail’s First Time User Scheme is an ideal incentive for advertisers who have never used advertising mail before or customers who have not sent advertising mail in the last 24 months.

So why not test your first advertising mail campaign and reach new target groups, test a teaser campaign or advertise a new product launch. You’ll receive a discount in postage credits 2.5p-9.2p per item.

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3. Advertising Mail Testing and Innovation Incentive

The Test and Innovation Incentive offers postage credits for the testing of new advertising mail items over a 6-month period. More mailing campaigns means more opportunities to boost your bottom line. The scheme is designed to help customers test new mail applications such as welcome packs, test the impact of paper statements to a new audience, trial a mailing to new lists or trial a loyalty mailing to your most valued customers. Select this incentive for Digital Stamps testing and GDPR Incentive opportunities.

Save with Digital Stamps

From 4th June 2018, customers who apply for the Testing and Innovation Incentive for testing digital stamps will receive c. 5% postage credits off the access price during the test period. Available to customers that have not previously used digital stamps and have testing methodology in place to test the impact of switching to digital stamp for their Mailmark mailings. Customers can qualify even if they have previously used Mailmark services.

GDPR Incentive

You could also use the introduction of the GDPR as an opportunity to do some testing, by using mail to increase opt-in of other channels, reassuring customers or testing together with unaddressed mail.

Learn more about Advertising Mail Testing and Innovation Incentive >

4. Business Mail Testing and Innovation Incentive

Offers postage credits for the testing of new business mail items over a 6-month period.

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New Incentives introduced for 2018

Don’t miss out on the latest incentives from Royal Mail, including:

5. Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive

Postage credits to help customers maintain the same volume of items over the 12-month period immediately after the Advertising Content Growth Incentive ends.

If you are, or have already been, a customer using the Scheme for Growth Incentive, then the year 2 Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive is designed to help you maintain the same volume of items in the 12-month period immediately after the initial year of the Scheme for Growth Incentive ends.

NOTE: This Incentive is designed to complement the existing Advertising Content Growth Incentive and assist customers that are coming to the end of their term for that incentive.

Learn more about the Advertising Volume Commitment Incentive >

6. Publishing Incentives

See how you can earn postage credits for simply sending the same publishing volume as last year and test how advertising mail can benefit your customer acquisition and renewal activities.

• Volume Commitment.
• Testing and Innovation for new titles.
• Testing and Innovation to help improve renewal rates.
• Promote existing Testing and Innovation for acquisition and cross-selling.

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