Royal Mail Incentives are created to encourage marketers to maximise the benefits of using mail as part of their marketing mix. There are various incentive schemes available, and ONEPOST are ideally placed to help your business identify which might be right for you.

Here’s some of the existing and new schemes available:

Up to 15% off Advertising Mail for First-time Users

If Direct Mail is a new channel for you, this scheme is an ideal incentive.

  • You can earn postage credits for each of your first three mailings, provided you send a minimum of 10,000 items per mailing
  • Also available if you are lapsed advertising mail customer, with no spend on advertising mail services over the past 24 months.

Up to 15% off for Testing and Innovation

A scheme designed to help you in the testing of new advertising mail items over a 6-month period.

  • More mailing campaigns means more opportunities to boost your bottom line
  • You could test new ideas such as introducing Welcome Packs or perhaps introducing Loyalty Campaigns to your most valued customers.

New, 4% savings on Bank Statement

Volume Commitment Incentive – You can save 4% on mailing bank statements to your clients.

  • The first year you are eligible for 2% incentive
  • If you reach 97% of committed volumes after year 1, then you will be automatically enrolled for 4% incentive for the year.

New, up to 15% off Growth and Volume Incentive

With this Incentive, Royal Mail determines your “baseline” based on historical volumes and growing trend.

  • To get a 7.5% discount, you need to commit to the volumes higher than your baseline
  • If you exceed the committed volume you will be eligible for 15% credits.
  • Suitable if you are going to increase mail advertising volumes in the next two years.


Up to 15% off New Customer Acquisition and Renewal Mailings

If you are the publisher, this scheme could be right for you.

  • It works similarly to the Testing and Innovation incentive for advertising mail.
  • Your campaign should contain not less than 10,000 copies and can be run for a 6-month period

Up to 30% discount for New Title Launch

This is a great way to judge if a new title will work.

  • You can get up to 30% of credits back to your account if your quantity Is not less than 10,000
  • You can also use this type of discount for the first 6 months from the launch date.

New, 2% Publishing Volume Commitment Incentive

Supports the use of mail for the circulation of publishing titles.

  • Rewards you if you post publishing mail volumes at the same level (or higher) than the year before entering the incentive
  • Minimum amount of the publications should be 250,000 a year.

ONEPOST understand that Royal Mail incentive schemes can be complex, so if you’re in any doubt about which could work for you, please do contact us – we really are the industry experts at helping businesses achieve the right mailing incentives and discounts.