The Future of UK Postal Services is an annual conference and this year was its 11th anniversary. One of our long term consultants, Eric Austin, recently represented ONEPOST at this very important industry event.

Eric tells us that although the tone of the day was set by the unwelcome distribution of a CWU flyer – regarding threatened boycott of mail action – a number of key issues were discussed and the general mood was upbeat from the various presenters.

Moya Greene, Chief Executive Royal Mail Group, started proceedings by stating how proud she was that Royal Mail had performed and contributed so much to the Olympic Games, in particular the commitment to recognise all gold medallists with commemorative stamps!

Moya was also upbeat about how Royal Mail had “repositioned itself” during the last financial year.

The parcels sector was recognised as the key to future success, but Royal Mail’s modernisation programme will also help performance in the more traditional letter market, which is now also trading profitably.

Stuart McIntosh, Group Director Ofcom, confirmed that Ofcom was committed to the provision and maintenance of the Universal Postal Service. Ofcom noted that competition in the postal sector is important so long as it is effective. Ofcom also recognised the need for more innovation in the market for both products and services. Stuart challenged the industry to fix the innovation issue.

The afternoon sessions were dominated by the boom in internet retail and how mobile commerce is driving growth in this sector both nationally and internationally.

It was interesting to learn from the various speakers that there is already evidence of innovation in the e-retail sector both in terms of products and services… but more will be required to make and keep customers happy.

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